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Leadership is the foundation of every successful organization. The difference between a great idea, a superior product, or a great service is the leader behind it. An attractive web site, smooth app, or innovative service will inevitably fail without the right leadership to bring an idea to execution, gather the right people, and motivate others to exceed expectations.

 "...gather the right people, and motivate others to exceed expectations."


-Dr. Peter Langton

Behind every championship team is a strong coach, even a team of coaches, who focus on helping individuals perform at their best. No championship team would hoist the trophy without a strong network of coaches and lots of practice.


Leaders need coaches and practice. Managing people is messy; managing personalities is difficult. But when done right, leaders are able to conquer great problems with innovative solutions. Leaders become confident leaders with a record of success and become ready to hoist the championship trophy for their field with the right coach and the right practice strategy.


Dr. Peter Langton can help your team develop confident leaders and compete for the championship.


The Training Industry Readership Award recognizes the most-read articles published on from the past year. Training Industry published over 832 articles online and in its magazine for 2017.


“What Is an Effective Leadership Program?” By Peter Langton, Cumberland, RI Dr. Peter Langton Leadership, was recognized at their annual event.


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Do Millennials Really “Suck”?

It’s amusing to see the rash of articles, new thought and expertise on the millennial generation. These new trailblazers are often stereotyped as self-centered, lazy, disloyal and title-hungry. But are they really any different from any other generation when its members entered the workforce?