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"Confident leaders are effective."

-Dr.  Peter Langton

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Leaders need a support system outside of the daily grind to give perspective, strategize with, and seek genuine feedback from someone outside the direct sphere of influence and political climate that exists in every organization. An executive coach is a must for every successful leader.  Dr. Peter Langton can be your coach toward greater success.

Leading With Purposeful Influence

Often, managers  get distracted, wishing their employees had skills, talents and drive that are more idyllic than reality. After 25 years in management, I hold this truth to be self-evident: No manager, supervisor or employee is perfect.


Performance Should Not Be Sanitized; Make it Messy By Design

When the process becomes about forms, dates and how to access the online system, then we in the L&D profession have led the charge of simplicity up the hill toward idiocrasy.


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Becoming a 21st-Century Leader

There’s a new rule in managing and existing in an organization: When you have done all that is in your power, you may have an opinion on someone else.


What Is an Effective Leadership Program?

In a recent workshop I gave on developing leadership skills, I asked the participants, “Who wants to be supervised?” Not surprisingly, few hands were raised. I followed it with the question, “Who wants a good supervisor?” Almost all hands went up.


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Leaders, Here’s to Not Being Normal

Transitioning from individual contributor to leadership success is not an ordinary road to travel. But successful leaders aren’t normal, and that’s a good thing.


The Golden Rule Is Wrong

Why you shouldn’t always treat people the way you would like other people to treat you.


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Dr. Langton started as therapist and quickly transitioned to working with organizations to select, develop, and coach leaders. After over 20 years working in Training and Development, Human Resources, and Strategic Planning, Dr. Langton saw the need to focus on developing confident leaders as an organizational priority.


Dr. Langton has served as a Training Coordinator, Director of Training and Development, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, Vice President of Human Resources, and Executive Vice President in various industries serving retail, insurance, finance, manufacturing, and higher education. Dr. Langton has also served as a Visiting Professor at Wheaton College and is currently an Adjunct Faculty in the Management Department at Bryant University.


Through his various positions and experience, Peter has seen firsthand how hiring and developing the right person can be the spark the moves an organization from mediocrity to success. We’ve all experienced ineffective management and poor supervisors. The difference between success and failure is a combination of the right organizational culture and the right support.

About Dr. Langton

" The difference between success and failure is a combination of the right organizational culture and the right support."

-Dr. Peter Langton